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18 Best FREE WordPress Plugins

We already gave you our list of top most essential WordPress plugins. Now here is our list of of the Best WordPress plugins, which we install on our sites most often, and all of these are FREE!

  1. Autoptimize
    • Minify and combine your JS and CSS files.
  2. Cache Enabler
    • Cache your site to make it fast!
  3. Really Simple SSL
  4. Yoast
    • A good SEO plugin. Or second place Rank Math, which we’re still evaluating…
  5. Loginizer
    • Protect your site from brute force attacks.
  6. WP Broken Link Status Checker
    • Checks for external broken links.
  7. Redirection
    • Helps you not end up with internal broken links.
  8. Safe SVG
    • Great if you want to use Scalable Vector Graphics, which we highly recommend.
  9. Brizy
  10. WooCommerce
    • Turn your site into an e-commerce store!
  11. HurryTimer
    • Best free evergreen countdown timer.
  12. WP Scraper
    • Great for moving content from your old site.
  13. Post Type Switcher
    • Switch from Post to Page types easily.
  14. Ninja Tables
  15. Instant Images (Unsplash) 
    • Free, Royalty free images
  16. Structured Content
    • FAQ Snippets
  17. Feedzy RSS Aggregator 
    • Aggregate RSS feeds on your site.
  18. Dark Mode
    • If the WordPress admin panel is too bright for you…

Find some other WordPress plugins you like, that you think we’re missing in our list? Please drop us a comment blow, and we’ll try to add it. Thanks!

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